Elysium Cat Cafe

Logo, Digital Interface, UX/UI | 2022

As a part my Visual Foundation Studio coursework, I was assigned to design my own brand. The first part of the project was to create a logo and the second part was to develop a digital interface for the brand's app using Figma.

For the project, I established a cat cafe called Elysium, drawing inspiration from my virtual cat island in the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. "Elysium" in Latin means a place or a state of ideal happiness; a paradise, came from Elysian Fields in Greek Mythology. I decided to name both my cat island and cat cafe "Elysium" because I wanted my cat cafe to be a paradise for both the cats and the customers who visit the cafe.

Logo Draft 1

Logo Draft 2

I decided to change the color of the logo to make it more vibrant but my classmates suggested me to use the original color palette because it is more calming to look at, especially since the brand is supposed to be a paradise for cats and customers. They also suggested that I make the corners in the logo rounder to make the logo softer and more inviting when customers look at it.

Final Logo Design

Solid Logo Icon

Outline Logo Icon

Digital Interface Process

Stage 1: Wireframes

Stage 2: High-Fidelity Prototype

Stage 3: Mockup

Digital Interface App Pages

Interactive Figma Prototype